Luke Davis



Tap is a simple application meant to allow anyone keep track of the number of times something occurs.

Lucky 13


NibJect is a pet project I made over the holiday's to explore the building a tool that would take a `.xib` file and generate Swift code. This is now a tool that I use almost daily to accelerate UI development! 🚀
Independent Project

Swift Logger

I wanted to build a “Swifty” logger that modeled the java standard logger log4j.

Independent Project

Home Record API

A personal Nodejs(Express) project used for recording different events. It is specifically intended for home automation.

Independent Project

Eligibility API

Partnered with Software Verde to create an Insurance Eligibility API. Leveraging the api_only option in Ruby on Rails 5 we created an application used to determine a user’s insurance coverage eligibility.

Bold Penguin


Partnered with Software Verde to extend functionality of an existing Android application. The primary addition to the application was adding the ability for Scotts door to door sales representatives to accept credit cards in the field.

Scotts Lawncare

Duck Duck Go Swiftly

A Duck Duck Go Instant Answer API wrapper written in Swift.

Independent Project