Luke Davis


A simple beautiful application for tracking simple events.

What is Tap?

Tap is a simple application meant to allow anyone keep track of the number of times something occurs.

Why keeping track counts

  • Assists in forming new habits or break old ones by tracking a goal.
  • Replaces the analog "clicker", typically used for counting people or inventory, but you can count whatever you want.
  • You can use it to track how many moves it takes you to beat your friend in chess.


  • Tap to increment the count
  • Gesture support - Swipe down with two fingers to decrement the count
  • Haptic Feedback(Only available on supported devices)
  • Editable counter name
  • Over 20 different button colors to choose from
  • A counter reset
  • x-callback support
  • Dark Mode
  • And many more to come...


Having trouble with the application? Would you like to see a new feature? Or, would you like to just say hello?

Just drop me a line!

More about Tap

Why make another "counter" app?

I wanted to make an application that was a simple concept but would also allow me to become creative with what features I can add in the future. How the application looks and feels to the user is also very important to me, this is why I wanted to put extra emphasis on making the application beautiful.

Behind the scenes

I am a passionate mobile developer and I love to build things, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and most of all I love to learn. I started this project to explore a new architecture and to write a blog about my experiences with the architecture. In the process I realized that I was making something that I was really proud of and I wanted to share my creation. I still have ambitions to write about this journey in a series of blog posts and I will proudly share the link once I have started. Thank you for your support!

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